Comics For Kids


What is the Comics for Kids Literacy Program?

Proceeds from purchases made with Hops+Heroes help us create comic themed resources for parents, students, and educators to assist in furthering the understanding of basic to advance literary concepts. These resources will range from classroom curriculum based on skills like inference, writing, reading fundamentals, etc to study guides for specific titles or styles of comics to booktalk videos that can be used as a helpful tool in your student's literary journey.

Who creates these resources?

We've worked with comic writers, educators, and librarians to find out what students are struggling with in the classroom and have developed tools we think will be of assistance. Some will be geared around TEKS and other required learning, and some will simply be a great way to begin or continue a conversation you've been having with a student, friend, or child. If you, or someone you know, is an educator who would like to participate in the creation of our resources, let us know by emailing: info@hopsandheroes.org

Where can I find the resources?

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If you are interested in having us out to do a writing workshop for your students, email us at info@hopsandheroes.org

Why create your own program instead of simply donating to other charities?

Education has always been important to the team at Hops & Heroes, and we wanted the chance to not only determine where and how the funding was used, but also to make our literary resources focused on comic books we love and that are appropriate for all ages. There aren't a lot of easy access comic resources for use in the classroom, so we wanted to create them and begin bringing the world of comics into the world of literary learning in a big way. If you would like to speak to someone from Hops & Heroes about how to use these resources in your classroom or other ways we can help you incorporate comics into learning email: info@hopsandheroes.org 


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